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Property Valuation eighty thousand dollars and you know how main for a hundred and ten thousand dollars and all that sort of stuff the reality is is that it’only your perception you know other people are out there worrying about I can’t do it but there are actually people taking action and doing things you know-it’s so again we’re giving you a common theme with all the shows and all the guests that we’re getting on this TVshow is a lot of people are making excuses for the reasons they’re not becoming successful you might start with no education

Valuations VIC money but Nathan’scertainly living proof that you can make the most of it I join us after the break as we find out more about why he chose property to make his wealth will be back soon welcome back to Empire builders today we’re joined by Nathan Birch from invested and where finding out how can you possibly make million dollars in property I have a million dollar portfolio by the time you’re just so thanks for sharing with us today let’s start talking about property why to invest in property when I was younger I’ve always had drawn to my head
that real estate and property is something that doesn’t go down in value which it can get in value but I thought it was a solid investment like people go into business and they can you know have a business which is good but then.

it can fail on those sorts of things as outside economic factors but in other day everyone needs a roof overhead is a commodity there’s a supply demand and that’s how I looked at it is like I think that a lot of people out there have good solid businesses but investing money in the property and being able to you know create passive income rather than active income is important I just want to have passive income and I think that’s true for a lot of people because look we never know everything when we were young but it’s just ingrained into us that properties are solid asset and look we’ve been doing shows on here of business and shares and obviously there’s this pros and cons to everything yeah but properly is the easiest thing to understand isn’t it is all you do is buy put it in there click the rent make sure you manage that have system and procedures like any business would at the same procedures to your investing so once you set it up it’s pretty much smooth sailing as you know and so.

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About where they want to take their profile and their brand and I think that’s going to be important for them.So that does say to me, OK, well, they’re in and out. So if I was – had short term accommodation, that could be a good thing but in terms of what do the staff earn earthenware working in the restaurants to bars and the hotels, not a lot.It will have a spike because if you look at your overlay.

Even the average income and even the social welfare payments compared to what you can buy in some of the houses down there for, it sort of does say to you, wait a minute. There’s a bit of growth inhere but it’s – I just can’t pick that market easy. So for me, if I can understand when I see the cycle turning, I’m not going to play there.Bryce Foldaway Agreed. So Perth or Western Australia. Darwin/Northern Territory and Hobart/Tasmanian our non-watch and act …Ben Kingsley I will throw a little sneaky one in there for those who have hung around.

on the video and I will say this, that Western Australia – that Brooke is going to be of interest to me probably in the second half of and I say that because Brooke passes the livability score and so what I want – it has been depressed.So if I think medium to longer term, be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful, it could be a marketplace where you can get some really nice yield and it could be some – with some spiky growth. But again, it comes down to I wouldn’t redoing as my first investment. If you’ve got a decent portfolio and you wanted to haves little bit more of a risk-reward play, that could come on to the radar for me on the second half. It’s a little smoky for the – any smokes for you?

Bryce Foldaway Not quite as good as Brooke there. For me I like to keep an eye on the Tasmanian market. I think in a battery point – what is it? Sandy Bay Battery Point, some of those really beautiful period areas close to Hobart and if you compete at the right price.

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Land values have soared in Melbourne Property Valuers with new figures revealing jumps of up to a third in a single year. the best results have been recorded in the outer suburbs, with gum dale, 14km east of the CBD, leading the price. it chalked up the most important growth in cost for the Brisbane

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vicinity of 30.1 per cent with its median land cost now $475,000. it changed into observed by using nearby wake Riley in which values went up by 29.4 in keeping with the modern-day department of herbal resources and mines land valuation figures released on Wednesday.

Kendra was the only suburb in which land values dropped. it became down by means of 1.6 in step with the cent to an average value of $610,000. there were 46 suburbs in Brisbane had been valuations didn’t trade at all. assets proprietor Catherine younger said it became high-quality information that gum Dale land values had increased. Mrs younger and husband Jason have indexed their Boston Rd Domestic for sale via Deborah Evans residences

Re/max consequences. they offered there almost 9 years ago and have loved residing in the area. they had been first attracted through the scale of the land, 1.01ha, and also how they might stay on acreage so near the Brisbane CBD. she said it was “terrific news’’ to hear that land values had long past up in gum

Dale especially as they had been selling now to pursue a business opportunity. “it’s been a valid funding for us,’’ she said. “you still have the quaint antique network of gum Dale, that’s a surely appealing environment to raise kids in.’’ Ms. Evans stated it turned into difficult to gauge

how the nearby land valuation changed into going based totally on simply one figure for the suburb due to the fact the styles of land there various so notably. she stated it ranged from small blocks of land to acreage with multi-million greenback houses on it.

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up while I VIP Buyers the people in this house I had even seen the house yet so I wasn’t able to take a look at the Souths they’ll take away all four I handled contract for said let’s do its the Hughes three weeks later I have to check for you know to thousand my check was actually ended up paying person called for the seller nice guy but hundred dollars working about four hours not too bad but you know just follow.

16this the the steps and if you need more information member countries received a call that’s all I have read today and I will talk to hey there could be spillover back again and welcome to another amazing training’s topic is wholesaling looking your way to a seven-figure income thesis my favorite no money down investing strategy and I am so excited to share with you something that is absolutely changed my life so first we’re gonna.

cover exactly what is wholesaling never gonna talk about the evolution of a wholesale deal so I could show you a-foot overview but the steps involved in a wholesale transaction I’m gonna show you exactly what a wholesaler does and how they make money and then I’m gonna give you to real-life real-world examples of wholesale transactions that I’ve completed to show you just Valuation NSW how easy it is to make money as a wholesalers at this point I want to explain exactly what wholesaling yes now in its simplest form wholesaling is putting a peace real estate under contract at a significant then flipping that paperwork to a cash buyer at a discount creating.

spread between the two and earning my profit as a wholesaler me show you what I’m talking about so here’s he’ll the wholesaler and you spend your time marketing here marketing to generate distressed seller were distressed property lead snow the motivated sellers in this category are absolutely have two without a shadow of a doubt cell right now they have an extreme motivation and because of motivational gonna be able to negotiate with them import their house under contract had a significant discount from retail now it’s really important that you get under contract at a big discount cutthroat’s going to set up the rest this transaction also when you put these are real estate under contract you game was called equitable.

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said not everybody in database great it’s a great day today so the first pipeline spark it to your personal circle to the people you know if you walk into the street consistently it comes the best or sources business and you always feeding a growing its you’re growing up now the second yes.

2what I call your turbo elites okay it’s the turbo I this high pressure line in this line is weak business asset this week market to give is fast of this is expires cancel the state’s KL in our analysts caper cancel so expired catalyst for sell owners is another source it early age you know the snows defaults case another lea stand prosy and probably the CD-Sand that’s what’s on these passed away and the executor the heirs they’re willing to sell property talks here’s the executor and there’s a very high probability they are going to be selling property.

so why they call bistro leads the recent turbo is because all four of these cases you got people expressed either a needed or a decider at some level to sell their house k either explicit leader they’ve got it explicitly actually take your just that situation that their head there’s there’s evidence that they may meet or what to sell their property so if you block market expires of understand it misappropriate very very fast Richard turbo leaves which means very fast return type of prospect Valuations SA your marketing to do not there are two ways you can reject these people just like these one is counterfactual to them best marketing enters your mouth whether ask for the business next exit if you want the most a glossy do that pipeline the best way it is ask for business.

I actually going upland making phone calls it or talking to them now another way it is for me proactive approach which is Trojan S&Hogtying to attract ants hereby direct mail or by advertising and so is just a much slower Less predictable higher-co stall over Richard tight %uh reaching out to them so talk about marketing to me marketing is a passive approach whereas what we call prospecting your keyword.

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3The most accurate controls and yet you know you can be there for life in the big insurance companies are retirement funds pension from own big blocks they’re not after the fast it’s not the guy with two floss and wrap and you know it it seems like this debate is like a twenty back to the status quo love pop property.

speculation which and obviously. take another two or three years before that starts but it’s gonna happen sometime Louisville time now to go to send a and speak with I’m sure you can guess I’m gonna speak what there’s only one famous economist in Australia Steve Kean author debunking economics & Steve is a professor at the University Western Sydney and blogger at debt deflation dot com is also an avid tweeter.

that you can find at is Twitter handle prop Steve Kean Steve welcome back to you on the edge as credit anyway here with an axe alright Steve Kean Forbes Magazine recently featured US being the most-accurate forecaster in the financial crisis so what all grain or call is your forecast for the remaining housing bubble nations such as Australia Canada the United Kingdom and Hong Kong well all settles all bubbles eventually have to burst because they’re older and by accelerating day you get rising asset prices driven by accelerating debt and as we all know no cock in Excel right forever therefore a clean audits complete on accelerating for the other.

was me to a billion times our income so at some point that acceleration has to peter out when it does becomes celebration that Ross the asset process down so inevitably asset bubbles have two bursts and when I do they take the real economy with them so all those countries will ultimately end up with a similar liked what America’s been through but delayed by slightly different timing.www.brisbanepropertyvaluations.com.au

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Elenaare giving him a look at that left go to come a day up nickelme one sick in the morning getting a nickel I Ehow do we get good at me gay you get to get good at getting itme a mail job a ID got good ending at CPK model and that is on SCABN what a modelformula caught.

property value

It last me da cotton minus on itI V Kiev and gameday audio an adult about it So  A plus they came out look inside a bag I don’t let me at me I left Ideflet me die de Minas I did so to be able to let me let me follow me like youSakr by setting is enabled the opening was he a PM but I see at the end up saidany ideaevenjim Butler he said that some money title got mein May says about some other. For more information: www.perthpropertyvaluations.net.au

I one who got bigID expected on to you %uh the channel does notI’m teaching on it’ll be okaynow let me make sure shit what do you mean Maki also possibly what do youmean by that key days ago feel at that huhto get good at it temple eat with the picket notcost is looking at a nice game it will be good in Belek which we gotta go uppeople might be the same as I collect a little because they knew they stumble.

Final I could not be over this one such littleyea buying a bottle intogotta get use to market meantit nigga simulation good niggabut I’ll buttoned upbut not really a now I angle I give him will be schemin is what thebut not but no stopmodel apna this is close to what the a disembodied Madonnabetter bet I’m into not going to get witchayou saw the biggest thing ideaup with the questions that matter but not much you know that that really gotmore to talk about getting a deal in loveI do something isn’t done yet up and out about hahaup

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45own money in it was cash-flow positive and I came back and people said what did you do this weekend at some for I’m more excited than I tend to talk so I shares who have been to Vegas and Bought a house in this as well that’s right for some reason West Cost Valuers it has a what do you mean if you can afford it you can monitor no didn’t cost me any money and its putting money in my pocket in they said you can’t do that not.

I don’t know that use but if someone says to you hey I just had lunch on thermionic give you every right to say you can’t do that with your arms folded but if someone said they just rode a bicycle around Lake whatever or they bought a house in didn’t cuss mi anyone what right do you have to say you can’t do that you might as well say I think you’re lying sigh got so sick of hearing it’s-impossible to do I thought I’ll show.

the mare buy one house a week for an entire yea rand I did and I wrote the book on have got CD course on stand run courses on it and you know what people say now he can’t do that sir I’ve learn that there’s no point convincing the naysayer sand I’m not here to convince you if you’re a naysayer anything I say impossible you’re really saying is when I think you might have been able to do Steven though.

I seriously doubt it but I know I couldn’t do it and because I can’t do stand I’m not the dumbest person on this planet then I don’t think the average person shooting you probably haven’t done it anyway because I want to deny myself the right to do it I’m going to think that you didn’t do it either that’s why you can’t do that instead of just flipping it around like there’s three dots on.

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our clients and then of course it comes down Sydney property valuation straightway you good straighten the batteries want to replace the villages in the transaction first launched in the date going to make up for straight and then of course property and I’m whether it’s aa house or whether it’s a apartment am find it interesting when I have a discussion with my father who was born in on cities per by the Gingham Osborn Rd for your actions by bream on Jan Expo on his chin y and some like that tells me that there’s no money to be made.

46in flats because that’s the generation he grew up inwards now you units was second jewel when went up here for to pile more snow jacket you went down with to damn believed to fit to buy the chain I so there’s is in the Colts doing funny things to my head I’m so the the fact that people are now starting to make decisions about and land I didn’t like in the past by Burma sits all about the land generation one doesn’t thin kit’s.

all about the position so landed still In my opinion is still very strong but its land value that’s really important guy in determining what’s or property that you want to buy and within budget do the due diligence and then the difficult part if you don’t negotiate all day every day I’m as part of your job have those parts cue said is to negotiate with the rooms that I’d whose am certain legal part that is aromatherapist’s the framework.

but obviously forms part of your assets election to make sure that you might really good decision in terms of the the bar and how this you know I’m in terms of mastering this this for pots and excuse me in my view the hood Plaza look at the lenders are of course a mention the value is really important I’m I understand who the two mortgage insurance.

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so if that’s the case and rent for you to sow live monies will lead and this way committing yourself to a huge mortgagor if you gonna pay football entire cost the house yourself you can take that moneymaker bad use the reminder the remainder a good to invest in something that’s gonna give you a bit return either way to unable to read count your list Is a hopelessly bad expensive experiment and if you enjoy flushing money down the toiletry all means you gallon right ahead so if you’re thinking a housing Read More :www.wcvaluers.com.au

bust will never happen in our suburbs think again Australia’s housing is excluding so many people can’t afford copay the principal on their massive housing lines that nearly half of all mortgages interest only it’s a red flag imminent disaster and so honestly groundwater until approved his credentials by predicting property downs are others where he was delayed an enemy of the state however there are real estate market with a city manager what they shocked banks insist on the strength of a week doctor but Jonathan tip I can’t believe our skin winter friendly.

14one point$ secrecy is it’s just not true but that’s what the signs are saying house sat a premium market house right now because you have to look at you know what is your price to income ratio right I mean can you forward that house and then if you look at many of the suburbs we visited you know that the price to income ratios are clearly that’s why Australia unlike most other major markets around the world almost half right it’s a sign of Poison financing itself or to pay the principal and you’re only paying interest that is signed he transformed with Jonathan tempest predictions for the Australian housing is terrifying his house.

values could plummet nationally by as much as % and he’s so convinced about a property crash he’s going to try and make money by basing this on it is probably will you know it’s likely that it’s going to be honest I have no doubt that the only issues where there is a question of says it’s just a question of when it will be a mortgage crisis it’s inevitable crisis questions with a hard line or investment property will want to hear what Jordan tipper has Australian is in one of the worst housing bubbles they have ever seen welcome to discover Elijah with your host Chicago by all accounts Australians experiencing what is one of the greatest credit you real estate bubble sin modern time son the back of a collapsing mining sector we can think.